Bmore Design Week

Nice use of my images from 2012 Bmore Design Week!




Boston Marathon Runners at Rest

Looking back to Boston Marathon 2010 and a short series of photos of runners resting at the start in Hopkinton,MA. Since the recent bombings, the marathon and everything connected to it has taken on new meaning. These images, shot on a whim in the hours before I ran my 2nd of 4 Bostons, are forever changed in my mind.


Faces of AIGA Baltimore

Great faces of AIGA Baltimore from Design Week / Pixels of Fury. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed endless hummus and Berger cookies. Really, I’ve never seen so much hummus or such a gigantic box of Berger cookies!



TV One Surprise Package!

Just received a nice 19″x27″ mounted poster of a recent shot we did for TV One promo. Completely unexpected and rare to get something like this without asking. Thank you to Renee Beck! Also, the star of the show Save My Son, Dr. Steve Perry, was eager to do whatever we needed to get the job done!



Real Runners

Continuing the series.


Still No Stills… Sort of.

First article that made me really want to try shooting with the RED Epic camera (Ferrari of video cameras). For those non-photographer/filmmakers, this is camera set up can be as much as 65k or probably more.

Thanks for yet another incredibly informative post.

Credit:  Rob Haggard-APhotoEditor and Kevin Arnolds.



Useful App for Photographers

Ray Ban app, developed by students at The Berghs School of Communications in Sweden, is a potentially very useful tool for photographers who shoot outdoors.

“Called ‘Bright Light’, the app identifies the position of the sun throughout the day and highlights sun spots—areas where you can enjoy the sun without any shade from tall buildings.”



The Liability-Proof World of Pinterest

“…Pinterest puts all legal risk squarely in the lap of its users, while reaping the rewards of their free labor, the free content they upload and their growing appeal to potential advertisers.”

via PDN Online





Fellow MICA Grad Writes Love Letter to NYC



Instagram to Make a Camera?

Instagram Is Making A Camera With Its $1 Billion

What did Instagram do with its $1 billion from Facebook? It’s making a camera!

Called ‘Instagram Snap’, the camera lets you share your photos “IRL” (in real life).

JUST KIDDING, once again! The Verge created this tongue-in-cheek parody.

In the ‘leaked advertisement’ of Instagram’s hardware, it takes Instagram’s ‘sharing’, ‘custom borders’, ‘commenting’ and ‘filters’ functions literally.

With Instagram Snap, you can ‘share’ these photos with non-Instagram users by passing them the pictures, create ‘custom borders’ by coloring the borders of the pictures with markers, write ‘comments’ on the pictures with a marker, and such.

A camera that is sure to be a hit with hipsters!

Watch the video below for a good laugh: